Privacy Policy

The online store of AELAS, which is on the website with an identifier of the company AELAS ANGELOPOULOS NIKOLAOS MON IKE and headquarters at 62, Thrakomakedonon Str., Acharnai, 13679, processes personal data provided by the Customer for the fulfillment and the flat- expand verification of the Terms and Conditions governing the processing of electronic orders and the necessary communication for a period of time required by law.

General Terms of Use

1. As a Personal Data Operator, in accordance with the GDPR (hereafter referred to as the "Regulation") is, with the identification number of the company AELAS ANGELOPOULOS NIKOLAOS MON IKE and headquartered at Thrakomakedonon 62, Acharnai, 13679 (hereinafter referred to as "Operator")?

2. The contact details of the Operator are: e-mail:, tel .: +30 2102403400,

3. Personal data shall mean any information relating to a recognized or identifiable natural person.

Origin of personal data

1. The Operator processes the personal data received with the consent of the Customer and has been collected through the purchase contract and the placing of an electronic order through the online store,

2. The Operator only processes the data of the Customer, which are necessary for the fulfillment of the contract and the market,

3. The Operator processes personal data for accounting purposes and for the necessary communication between the two parties for the period required by law. Personal data are not publicized and not transferred to other countries.

Purpose of data management

The Operator processes the Customer's personal data for the following purposes:

1. Register at in compliance with Chapter 4, Section 2 of the GDPR,

2. Completion of the online order created by the Customer (name, address, e-mail, telephone number)

3. Settlement of laws and regulations arising from the relationship between the Customer and the Operator,

4. Personal data are necessary to complete the purchase contract. The purchase contract can not be completed without the personal data.

Time of storage of personal data

1. The Operator stores the personal data for the period considered necessary to complete the rights and obligations arising from the relationship and the contract between the Operator and the Customer and for a period of 3 years after the conclusion of this contract,

2. The Operator shall erase any personal data after the end of the period specified as necessary for the retention of personal data.

Recipients and processors of personal data

Third parties that process the Customer's personal data are subcontractors of the Operator. The services of these subcontractors are necessary for the successful completion of the purchase contract and the processing of the electronic order between the Operator and the Customer.

Subcontractors of the Operator are considered:

Webnode AG (e-shop platform)

Google Analytics (site statistics)

Customer's rights

In compliance with the Regulation, the Customer is entitled to:

1. access to personal data,

2. the modification of personal data,

3. the deletion of personal data,

4. the objection to the processing of personal data,

5. the transfer of data,

6. Revoke the processing acceptance by email at

7. submit a complaint to the competent authority in the event of a violation of the Rules of Procedure.

Security of personal data

1. The Operator declares that he undertakes to take all the technical and organizational measures considered necessary for the preservation of personal data,

2. The Operator has taken precautions to preserve the data, in the sense of securing access to the computer via code, antivirus software and continuous maintenance.

Last Terms

1. By placing an electronic order on the website, the Customer confirms that he has been informed about the conditions governing the protection of personal data and accepts them fully,

2. the Customer accepts the terms by ticking the corresponding box on the order form,

3. The Operator reserves the right to renew these Terms at any time. The renewed version of the Terms must be published on this website.

These Terms enter into force on 10/10/2018