Product Presentation

ALFA POWER is a high standard, eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning product with disinfectant and antifouling action.

ALFA POWER is a modern synthetic product, which has the properties of a disinfectant and a detergent. Its properties make our product the most effective cleaning product in the market and it is equally powerful in all possible surfaces and areas.

ALFA POWER is an odorless and biodegradable product. It can be used everywhere and on a daily basis. This product does not contain chemical elements that are dangerous or harmful for humans, animals and the environment.

Its unique composition makes the product an excellent detergent. Combining ALFA POWER and water generates crystal clear solutions and it is a product that presents reduced foaming action. ALFA POWER also dissolves in all types of water such as, sea water, storm water, surface water, wastewater, groundwater etc.

ALFA POWER fulfills the criteria of the European legislation on biodegradability ALFA POWER is constructed according to EU's strict safety regulations and this makes it safe for the environment, humans and animals.

The regular use of ALFA POWER helps in reducing the growth of bacteria and at the same time fights the unpleasant odors and fumes by reducing and eliminating them. It is also suitable for cleaning every type of pollutant generated from hydrocarbons (petroleum, oils, grease, mineral oils, animal and vegetable fats and oils). It is a product designed to provide solutions to tough soil cases and presents impressive results. Its efficiency lies in the product's short action time and easy way of use while producing effective results in every use.

Application Sections:
Boats, yachts, houses, school facilities, sports facilities, ecclesiastical spaces, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, municipalities, public buildings, waiting rooms, areas waste-dumps, railway stations and bus, transport, airports, ports, docks, yards, auctions, industries, tanks, fuels, refineries, oil spills, armed forces.


  • Broad-spectrum effectiveness.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Not in aerosol can.
  • Odorless.
  • Reduced foaming action.
  • No toxic ingredients (it does not contain chlorine, ammonia or other caustic substances).
  • Non-toxic to human or aquatic life.
  • Safe for humans, animals and the environment.
  • Not petroleum based cleaning product as it does not contain petrochemical compounds.
  • It does not produce any irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory system.
  • Nonflammable.
  • Leaves no damage (Compatible with all the surfaces regularly cleaned. Does not strip color and it is suitable for INOX-aluminum-nickel-paint-wooden surfaces).
  • Does not cause corrosion on surfaces.
  • Suitable for boats (polyester parts, fabriques, tents).
  • Suitable for leather, fake leather and all types of fabric.
  • Suitable for BBQ cleaning.
  • Suitable for cleaning carpets.
  • Suitable for cleaning walls and refreshing the color.
  • Cleans and refreshes the air-conditioning system.
  • Pet stain and odor remover.
  • With regular use it has anti-bacterial action.

ALFA POWER dilutions in water:

Grease, Oil, A / C, Fats, BBQ 100%

Kitchen 7-40%

WC 3-15%

Carpets-Fabrics 5-15%

Floors 2-5%

Glass 1-2%

ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 9001: 2015

ALFA POWER is tested for allergic and skin irritation and it is the only liquid cleaner that does not bear safety markings such as: